The Ballet in 1937

The Ballet in 1937:

Television, with its intimate technique, brought a new view of the dance. For every viewer there was a seat in the stalls.

(Right) anton dolin and brigitte.

(Below) The Vic-Wells Ballet at Alexandra Palace. 

A man and a woman dance

Ballet finds new patterns

Ballet finds new patterns

Familiar favourites adapted to Television’s special needs; many thousands of new ballet-lovers won; world-famous choreographers creating original themes.

This is the tale of the five years 1946-1950.

(Right) nijinsky, the Master, visits Alexandra Palace a few days before his death to see his famous pupil Serge Lifar at a dress rehearsal.

(Below) Salome. One of the first first [sic] special ballets, which Celia Franca devised and danced. 

(Above) 1948. Suite de Blanc, by Serge Lifar. Danced by Yvette Chauvire and Company of the Theatre National de Opera de Paris.

(Right) 1947. Designs with Strings; Svetlana Beriosova and the Metropolitan Ballet.